Welcome to the Cazoot Profiling Tool

This Cazoot Profiling tool is designed to streamline the recruitment process and assist Cazoot assess your referred Candidate's suitability for the role.
As with the previous Candidate Referrals, this candidate profiling process will take you around 10 minutes to complete per referred Candidate. The information gathered is an important input for matching candidates to the available role. The responses collected will be applied using the Cazoot algorithm to the information provided by the business recruiting for the role and prospective candidates who have met the qualification criteria.

All information you provide is confidential and secure. The information you provide about your referred Candidates may be provided to the Business recruiting for the role, but this will be anonymised data and will not include any of your personal information.

This is your fifth and final Candidate Referral as you can refer up to 5 Candidates only. Each Candidate will be assessed independently with all shortlisted and appointed candidates generating Cazoot Cash Rewards for you

Referrals are for the following role:

Business Analyst Ref: 190319B

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