Application Deadline: November 15, 2013

The award winner will be announced at the January Ann Ferren Conference on Teaching, Research and Learning.


There are two parts to the application process:

Part 1: Information on applicant/members of application team: please enter the requested information for each member of your project team. If there are more than five members please email Marilyn Goldhammer at

Part 2: Narrative document: please prepare a single document containing the following components and email it to Please put "Curriculum Design Award" in the subject line.

1. A one-page executive summary of how the curriculum alignment and integration was accomplished

2. A narrative of up to four (4) double-spaced pages that includes:

a. Summary of student learning outcomes that guided the curriculum alignment

b. Specific examples of how courses incorporated and/or expanded upon General Education themes, concepts, and skills

c. Information and examples of how the integration process was shared with both students and faculty

d. Examples of such elements as assignments, readings, or exam questions used to assess learning outcomes that relate to alignment

e. Summary of next steps to solidify or expand the alignment

You will receive an application confirmation email. Please direct questions about the award or application process to Marilyn Goldhammer at or 202-885-2068.

1. Information on Project Member #1

2. Information on Project Member #2

3. Information on Project Member #3

4. Information on Project Member #4

5. Information on Project Member #5