1. Informed Consent

Aim of the survey: The purpose of this study is to explore the effects (if any) of the menstrual cycle on various sexual experiences, feelings and behaviours in couples. Upon, completion of the study, you will be directed to a debriefing page that will explain the hypotheses and research questions under investigation in greater detail.
Procedure: The initial stage of the survey will include questions pertaining to demographics, your relationship, sexual behaviour and feelings. Initially, you will also be asked to provide some of your physical measurements (i.e. waist and hip circumferences and finger lengths) which you could easily take using a tape-measurement. This initial part of the survey should take less than 20 minutes. Each week, you and your partner will then each submit web-based diary entries answering closed ended questions about your sexual activities and orgasm rates. Females will be asked to chart 3 menstrual cycles and to indicate the current cycle phase based on the last onset and next expected onset of menses. The weekly questionnaires will take only about 3 minutes. You can choose not to answer certain questions and can withdraw from the survey at anytime (an ‘EXIT’ button is clearly visible on the top of each page of the questionnaire).

Potential Discomfort: Due to the sensitive nature of the information asked, some people may feel uncomfortable answering some questions of the survey. You are under no obligation to complete the survey and you may withdraw at anytime by clicking on the EXIT button on top of each page.

Benefits of the study:
Completing an anonymous questionnaire regarding sexual attitudes and behaviours gives you the opportunity to learn how researchers try to investigate sexuality and can help you become better acquainted with your own attitudes and feelings about your sexuality. You might find this topic interesting and you will have the opportunity to learn more about this research. The overall results of the study will be available once the project is completed at www.surveymonkey.com.
The responses in the survey are completely anonymous. In order to insure this we ask you and your partner to make up your personal couple-code that you should use each week when completing the short questionnaire. The information provided in the study will not reveal and will not be linked to your identity in any way. Also, you will not be able to view your partner's responses and your partner will not be able to view yours.

Participation and Withdrawal:
You must be 18 or older to participate in this survey. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw at anytime with no penalty.
This study has received ethical approval from the Psychology Research Ethics Committee of the University of Cambridge.

Lara Eschler
Cambridge University
E-MAIL: lpe20@cam.ac.uk

* 1. Do you agree to participate in the survey?

* 2. In order to maintain complete anonymity while being able to match your responses with those of your partner we ask you to jointly come up with a code that you will both remember. At the beginning of the questionnaire you will be prompted to enter your code followed by the word 'GIRL' for the female partner and the word 'BOY' for the male partner. For instance if you decide on the code 'CAT'; the female partner will enter the code 'CATGIRL' and the male partner 'CATBOY'. If you are in a same-sex partnership you could use 'CATgirl1' and 'CATgirl2' or 'CATboy1' and 'CATboy2'. Please ensure that use the same suffix code as your partner and that you are both able to retain it for the duration of the study. You will, however, NOT be able to view each other's responses or your own once they have been submitted (the code is not a password). Your common code can be of any length, and you may use letters, numbers or a mixture of both (as long as you both will be able to easily remember it).
Please provide your code in the space below.