The purpose of this survey is to get your feedback and improve the webcasts process. Our webcasts are free and usually take about one hour. We offer webcasts on a variety of topics. Your feedback will help us better serve you. Thanks in advance for taking the time.

* 1. My relationship to SEA is?

* 2. The webcast I attended was:

* 3. Please rate your satisfaction with the webcast

  Needs Improvement Below Average Adequate Above Average Excellent
Content of the Webcast Met My Needs
Presentation Was Effectively Organized
Presenter Was Prepared and Presented Effectively
Ability to Hear the Presentation
Ability to See the Presentation
Ability to Ask questions
Ability to Use the Webcast Software

* 4. Any overall suggestions for improvement? Any suggestions for new topics?

* 5. The survey is anonymous, but if you wish someone to contact you, please enter your contact information.