1. Feedback on the CEF English Course

This survey is to help me find what aspects of the course you found useful and how the course could be improved. Please take the time to write comments where appropriate. You may write your comments in French if you prefer.

* 1. The first half of the course you met every week in small groups to discuss the assigned readings and correct the homework. Please indicate how useful and how interesting you found this.

  Very much Quite a bit So-so Not at all
How useful were the groups in giving you an opportunity to practice speaking English?
How useful were the groups for reinforcing your understanding of the assigned readings?
How interesting did you find the discussions?

* 2. Module 1: Media Messages and the Art of Persuasion
The readings in the first module of Insight were about Media Literacy, that is, how the media is used in print, on TV and on the Internet to persuade people and how media consumers can be more aware. In general, do you think Media Literacy is a good topic for cegep students?

* 3. Indicate your level of interest for the articles in Module 1: Media Messages and the Art of Persuasion.

  Very interesting and/or important Interesting Moderately interesting Not particularly interesting Boring Didn't read or can't remember
Comparing Newspaper Articles
What is Media Literacy?
The Embedded Ad
The Nag Factor in Advertising
The Wikipedia Experiment
How Reliable Are Websites

* 4. Module 2: Global Matters (Earthly Concerns, Arctic Changes, Developing Issues)
The second module dealt with issues around the world related to the environment and global warming, social and environmental issues in the Far North and issues in developing countries. Do you think international issues such as these are interesting and appropriate to study in a cegep English course?

* 5. Indicate your level of interest for the readings in Module 2.

  Very interesting and/or important Interesting Moderately interesting Not particularly interesting Boring Didn't read or can't remember
From Naked Ape to Superspecies
Why Men Without Cars Are Sexy
Clear Sailing in the North?
Saving Inuktitut
Bitter Chocolate
The Operator

* 6. How useful did you find attending the play at the Centaur Theatre?

* 7. The second half of the course was centered more on you: preparing an oral presentation from your field of study, writing a CV, preparing for the job market, taking the benchmark exams and debating current issues.

How useful was it for you to:

  I learned a lot and enjoyed it. I learned a lot, but presenting was stressful It was OK. It was a waste if time.
prepare and deliver your oral presentation?
listen to your classmates' presentations?
use the class wiki to prepare and follow presentations?
write a CV in English, paying careful attention to some of the differences in French and English?
read about preparing for a job interview?
take the benchmark exams

* 8. What kind of reading material would you prefer to have in this course? (You can choose more than one answer, please use the comment box for specific answers)

* 9. At the end of each module is a list of projects. We did the Oral Presentation and the Debate. Which projects do you think would be most useful for you in your cegep studies?

* 10. Please use this space to comment on any other aspect of the course.
How comfortable did you feel in class and do you think you are leaving the course more proficient in English? What activity did you find most useful?
Is there anything you would have liked to have spent more time on during the course? (more grammar? more writing? more discussion? more listening? more research?)

Thank you very much--Good luck on your exams and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!