Candidate Requirements:
- A female artist committed to an artistic or design practice for up to 10 years
- Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident based in Australia
- Tertiary qualification

Key dates to remember
- 11pm (AEST) 22 April, 2018: Applications close
Mid May: Interviews conducted for shortlisted applicants - if travel to Melbourne is required, this cost will be covered.
- 19 June, 2018: Successful applicant notified. 
- 6 July, 2018: MECCA M-Power experience starts
- Late July / August, 2017: MECCA M-Power Weekend Bootcamp facilitated by the Foundation for Young Australians
- January/February 2018: MECCA Leadership Conference and Mentoring Week in Melbourne - date TBC
- 1 July 2019: MECCA M-Power experience ends

How many people will be awarded the MECCA M-Power experience each year?
There is one successful recipient each year.

Do I have to live in Australia?
All applicants must be either Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents currently living & practicing in Australia.
Who will be on the Judging Panel?
Respected leaders from the NGV and MECCA Brands.

Can I spend the funds on international travel?
Yes, we encourage all experiences that enrich your empowerment including travel around Australia and internationally.
Do I have to pay tax on the grant?
Please seek independent tax advice.

Can I combine a MECCA M-Power grant with other funding?
Yes, you are welcome to combine your grant with other funding sources. If known, please identify them in your budget.

Is a report or acquittal required at the end of the MECCA M-Power experience?
Yes. This can take any form but must respond to the outcomes identified in your application.

How does MECCA M-Power define an emerging artist or designer?
An individual who has been committed to an artistic or design practice for up to 10 years.

Is travel required?
Yes. You will be required to travel to Melbourne to spend time at both the NGV and MECCA Brands for the Mentoring Week and other opportunities. You will also be encouraged to attend the MECCA M-Power 3-Day Bootcamp facilitated by the Foundation for Young Australians in late July/August 2018 (date and venue TBC).

Do you fund academic study or creative research / development?
Yes. We fund opportunities that will enrich your career. We feel this is best defined by you.
Do I need to produce a work of art at the end?
No. Our vision for the MECCA M-Power experience is to empower your career and creativity in ways you feel beneficial as identified in your outcomes / success measures (Question 9).

What will the MECCA M-Power Mentoring Week involve?
You will engage with experts from both organisations to learn from their skill set. This can be tailored to your objectives but may include opportunities to develop skills with specialists in marketing, social media, finance and grant writing, curatorship, and exhibition design.

Other requirements?
- Monthly meeting / call with a MECCA/NGV rep to ensure we are supporting you to achieve your outcomes.
- Document your progress throughout the M-Power experience so there is a record of your development.
- Support any marketing or communications ie: access to quotes, photography and interviews as required by MECCA & NGV.
- Participate in a panel / presentation at the MECCA Le
Have more questions? 
Please email mecca.mpowerarts@mecca.com.au
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