Attendee Survey

* 1. Overall, How would you rate the event on a scale of 1 to 10?
(10 being the best)

* 2. Please rate your satisfaction level with each of the following:

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Keynote (Daniel Handler)
Master of Ceremonies (Nancy Pearl)
Other Speakers (Director of Libraries, KCLSF Board President, Foundation Director, School Principal)
Connection to the library mission (Summer Reading, information about KCLS)
"Literary Lions" Authors
Author Salons available for purchase
Online Registration
Express Pay

* 3. Was this your first time attending the Literary Lions Gala?

* 4. What did you enjoy most about the event?

* 5. Did you do any of the following at the event?
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* 6. How did you hear about the Literary Lions Gala?
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* 7. Did you visit the Literary Lions Gala event website? If so, why?
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* 8. What is your relationship with the KCLS Foundation?
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* 9. Prior to attending this event, how much did you know about the King County Library System and/or the KCLS Foundation?

* 10. Of the following options, what genre of books do you enjoy reading the most?
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* 11. Do you have any suggestions for prominent authors for the Keynote Speaker at next year's gala?

* 12. Do you have any suggestion for local/regional authors you would like to see at a future Literary Lions Gala?

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