We are interested in your opinion regarding the possibility of Open Heart Mindfulness Community offering occasional Daylong mindfulness retreats and/or having a Vipassana teacher lead an occasional Wednesday evening sit and give a Dharma talk.  

In the past year, OHMC held two DayLong Mindfulness Retreats and were fortunate to have a teacher from Satipanna Mindfulness lead each of the retreats. Those who attended found the days to be very worthwhile. 

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions in this short survey.

* 1. We may have an opportunity to have a teacher from Satipanna Mindfulness lead an occasional Wednesday evening OHMC sit.  
Would you be more likely to attend on a Wednesday led by a teacher in person than our usual audio recordings?

* 2. Did you attend either of the 2017 DayLong Retreats?

* 3. How likely are you to attend a future Daylong Mindfulness Retreat with OHMC (assuming that the date is convenient)?

* 4. Do you have a preference for length of retreat? 

* 5. Sitting, walking and eating meditation are included in the day as well as an orientation for new meditators. 
Which of the following would you most like to have as part of the day in addition?

* 6. Do you find registering online a convenient and/or acceptable practice?

(Background info: This past year, we requested that Daylong retreat participants register with EventBrite to allow us to know how many to plan for.  The first time we had a large # of no-shows.  The second time, we asked for a small deposit towards expenses and dana with the registration and almost all registrants arrived.)  

* 7. Thank you for your time and information.  Please add any other comments you may have about OHMC.