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* 1. Thanks for your interest!
The UP and About Running Tour of Turkey is set in Istanbul and Cappadocia. These are both spectacular, and incredibly historic. This trip is not for everyone, so there are some questions below so we can ensure that this trip will fit your running travel goals. Those who come along do not need to be super fit, fast or familiar with trails, but similarly this trip is not for beginner runners.
To start with- what is your name and email address?

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* 2. Why are you interested in the UP and About Running tour to Turkey in October 2019? What are you keen on seeing, experiencing and participating in? Or have you heard about a tour from someone who has done a previous tour, for example?

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* 3. Have you run (trained or raced) on trails previously? How comfortable do you feel on trails? Have you trained or raced in distances over 15kms on road or trail?

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* 4. The UP and About Running tours are specifically tailored to people who wish to both run in unique locations, and wish to engage in travel. If you wish to spend the whole time training intensely, this may not be the trip for you. Alternately, if you wish to mostly see the sights, and fit in a few leisurely runs, this may not be a good fit for you. We aim to provide a mix of travel and running, and a balance of structured and unstructured time...

Each day while on tour includes a run and some down time.
The runs are anywhere from 6kms to 20kms in length, and are somewhat adaptable. Runners are grouped according to experience and pace, and you will have a coach with you at all times. We have a local running coach in Turkey, Kerem, to ensure we get the best out of the trip. The focus is very much on 'tour running' not training running, and as such you will have plenty of opportunities for photos and fun. Each group will remain together for safety for the duration of each run.

Some days the runs, including travel to and from, take up 3 to 4 hours. On other days the travel to and from location, and run, may take up to 6 or 7 hours. Outside of this time you will have plenty of opportunity to explore the local area, shop, do your own runs, or chill out.

The focus of the tour is experiencing Turkey through running, and tasting and seeing Turkey, Turkish culture and Turkish food.

This tour does include an option for non-running partners to join. Please let Nadine know by replying to the email you will receive from her in response to you filling in this survey, and she will give you more details.

More extensive information about runs and the trip will be provided if you indicate below that you are interested.

Do  you think this is what you are looking for? Or you're interested, but you'd like more detailed information before you decide? If so, click submit, and you will receive an email from Nadine shortly (and check your junk email, if you haven't received an email within a few days). Thank you!