Tesselate Institute Muslimah Photovoice Project 2017


The Tessellate Institute is launching a project to promote healthy self-expression for Muslim women teenagers
who are struggling with various issues, which may place them at risk of self-harming behaviours.

The Project will engage Muslim women high school students to develop skills; emotional processing, arts-based healing, and healthy self-expression. Participants will have opportunities to discuss their lived experiences, challenges they face, and issues they struggle within small focus groups.
Through the use of “Photovoice” participants will have an opportunity to explore these experiences further, pulling out themes and concepts through the use of photographic art.
The teens will have an opportunity to have their artwork displayed in an exhibition (participants may choose to remain anonymous) which aims to promote their agency, as well as function as public education.

An information package about the project will be sent out once participants have been confirmed.
For participants under the age of 16, a consent form will need to be signed by a parent/guardian/educator.
The project will run until June 2017.

Psychotherapist/Facilitator: Abier El-Barbary
Project Manager: Sakinah Hasib

* 1. What is your (the participant's) full name?

* 2. What high school do you (the participant) attend?

* 3. What is your age (the participant)?

* 5. Do you struggle with your Mental Health?

* 6. Are you (the participant) at risk for self-harming behaviours? (ie. in the past, now, or you plan to do so)

* 7. Are you (the participant) able to commit to attending and participating in ALL 3 focus groups?
(2-3 hours, between March-May 2017, travel costs reimbursed & refreshments served)

* 8. When is best for you (the participant) to attend the focus groups? (Choose all that apply)

* 9. What is your (the participant's or the parent/guardian/educator's) email address?

* 10. Any questions or comments for the Project Manager or Psychotherapist?