What's the state of your supplier quality & sustainability program?  

In 2020, we discussed how the expansion of globalization over the last decade has resulted in increased supplier risk. Moreover, the COVID-19 Global Pandemic was having an impact on manufacturers struggling with their supply chain and suppliers/contractors and building new sustainability plans.
This is the 2nd Annual Supplier Quality Maturity Survey that will review the progress we have made from last year and the continuing struggles considering that supply chain disruption, the pandemic and risk are all still here today. This benchmark study is assessing the capabilities of manufacturing industries today to manage supplier quality throughout the supply chain. New questions have been added from the 2020 Survey and the final report will highlight the differences, progress and new information collected.

This survey contains 10 sections each with 3 questions about your organization's supply chain/supplier quality capabilities. There are a variety of question types including, ranking/prioritization, multiple choice and  possible maturity statements that may reflect what exists in your company today. Select the closest that represents your organization's current state.  Afterwards there will be a few more questions about today's current trends/impacts and demographic data to use in comparison analytics. The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

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