Nominate Someone Outstanding

 Nominate a friend, colleague, public health hero of yours (or YOU!) for the HealthWatch Wisconsin Advisory Council of HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc.

We will compile nominations and prepare a ballot for the 11th Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin conference to be held March 7 & 8, 2018 in Madison.

What is the HealthWatch Wisconsin Council?
The Council is the advisory committee for the HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc. Organization and helps guide project activities.
The Council is comprised of local, regional, and statewide public-health-related representatives.

The Council provides leadership and advice to HealthWatch Wisconsin as it works to transform the public health landscape and increase access to care and coverage for people in Wisconsin through training, education, and collaborative partnerships.

The Council discusses issues identified by local coalitions, advises HealthWatch Wisconsin staff on emerging topics and need for trainings and educational campaigns, and directs HealthWatch Wisconsin staff and consultants.

What is the Process for Adding New Council Members?
HealthWatch Wisconsin staff solicit nominations for Council members from diverse backgrounds and public-health-oriented professions.
The last opportunity to submit nominations (by writing in nominations) is at the Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference.

HealthWatch members cast ballots for the current year's Council.

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