Thank you for your interest for the 2017 STEM Education Awards, in the category of “Extracurricular Program.” This category recognizes innovative STEM programs that promote STEM Education outside of the classroom and expand STEM skills while helping to point students towards productive STEM related careers.

The following questionnaire has been created to help the judges determine finalists in each category. Please submit your completed questionnaire no later than close of business on Friday, September 22nd to continue in the nomination process. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Dion at, 404-920-2017.

* 1. Please provide: the name of the person completing the questionnaire, your program name, and appropriate contact information.

* 2. Please summarize your project and accomplishments in 100 words or less. This overview should provide the judges an introduction to your school and how your STEM program has engaged students within the classroom. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SUMMARY WILL BE USED IN PRINT AND ELECTRONIC MEDIA PROMOTING YOUR PROGRESS IN THE COMPETITION AND WILL BE READ ON STAGE AT THE EVENT SHOULD YOU BE SELECTED AS A FINALIST. Check that it concisely conveys your story and is grammatically correct. Also, please do not use personal pronouns like (we, our, us, etc...) if your summary. 

* 3. Does your program have an online resource (Blog, website, etc.) that showcases your STEM efforts? Please provide the URL here:

* 4. Please provide demographic and achievement information about your program
- When were your STEM efforts initiated?
- Since inception, how many students have completed your full STEM program?
- How many students currently participate in the STEM focused program?
- How does your program help advance STEM education among non-traditional student populations?

* 5. Please describe the proudest achievement that your program has experienced in the past 12 months.

* 6. Please provide three examples of student work that have been innovative within your program in the past 12 months.

* 7. Please select at least 3 of the following questions to provide additional information for our judges
1. Describe how your program has integrated technology into the curriculum.
2. What 21st Century skills and/or tools have the students mastered through your efforts?
3. How do you identify and address workforce needs in your community that prepares your students for the workforce of tomorrow?
4. What has your program done to build community support with business, community and post secondary support?
5. Please describe the proudest STEM achievement your school has experienced in the past school year.

* 8. How important would winning this award be to the program and/or to the surrounding community?
• Would there be representatives from the program at the event if you were selected as a finalist?
• How would the community plan on celebrating their selection were it to win the award?

Please note: The Technology Association of Georgia and the TAG Education Collaborative 2017 STEM Education Awards is in no way connected to the Georgia Department of Education’s STEM School certification process. Being nominated for or winning a STEM Education Award does not count towards or ensure successful STEM School certification by the Georgia Department of Education.

* 9. Please include a short video providing an overview, or creative description of your project. Provide a link to the video below.