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Monaghan Integrated Development is preparing a Local Development Strategy for delivery of the new LEADER programme due to operate over the period 2023 to 2027. It is anticipated that the new programme shall open for applications in Q4 2023 and we are keen to build on achievements of our delivery of previous programmes over the past 31 years.  Funding will be available for both private and community based projects.  There will be a particular focus on job creation, climate action, Smart villages/towns and digital transformation in rural areas. It is envisaged the new programming round will focus on the EU agenda of A Smarter Europe, a Greener Europe and Digital transformation in particular and new more innovative approaches to rural development. In order to decide how this funding can best be used within the County a Local Development Strategy document is being prepared. This framework will be used to guide decision making by the Local Action Group (LAG) for the duration of the new programme. This questionnaire has been designed to seek your views in a number of key areas and we would appreciate if you could please take the time to fully complete the survey. (5 minutes)

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* 1. Please indicate which Muncipal District you are based within

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* 2. Please indicate which category best describes your status

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* 3. Please provide your name or that of your organisation (optional)

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* 4. Have you ever applied for LEADER funding under previous programmes ?

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* 5. The objective of the LEADER measure is to fund initiatives emerging from a Community Led Local Development approach at a local level that aims to address the needs of County Monaghan. The programme will be divided into 3 indicative “LEADER Themes”  as follows. 

THEME 1:  Economic Development and Job Creation

Areas that can be supported under this measure might include: Tourism and Recreation, Farm Diversification*, Food, Manufacturing, certain Services, social enterprises, environmental businesses, etc.

* Farm Diversification - entrepreneurial use of farm resources for non-agricultural purposes, e.g. farm shops, recreational activities etc.

Please indicate what type of projects or supports you feel should be made available to create more jobs and support new and existing businesses under the new LEADER programme ?

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* 6. THEME 2: Rural Infrastructure and Social Inclusion

Ireland is becoming increasingly diverse and it is important to embrace this diversity and ensure that future community development recognises the needs of all members of society. Areas that can be supported under this theme might include:

Rural Infrastructure, Accessible Services, IT infrastructure, Services for Young people etc.

Please indicate what type of projects or supports you feel should be made available to provide opportunities for more people to live and work in rural communities and promote Social Inclusion under the new LEADER programme ?

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* 7. THEME 3: Sustainable Development of Rural Environment and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

LEADER could support ideas / interventions that contribute to the reduction of and response to the impacts of climate change. Areas that can be supported under this theme might include: Sustainable Development of Renewable Energy / Biodiversity and Water Resources, Climate Change *Capacity Building, Climate Change **Mitigation and Adaption.

* “Capacity Building” - process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources required through education, support etc.

 ** (“mitigation”) Action to reduce emissions that cause climate change and (“adaptation”) Action to manage the risks of climate change impacts.

Please indicate what type of projects or supports you feel should be made available to support the Sustainable Development of our Rural Environment and address Climate Challenges under the new LEADER programme?

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* 8. What supports do you feel are required to encourage quality applications to a future programme ?

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* 9. Are you planning to make an application under the new LEADER programme round ?

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