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The IPPN Steering Committee appreciates your help in setting priority areas for our efforts in 2008 and beyond; work that builds a unified, independent, progressive alternative to the corporate controlled, two-party, economic/political system.

* 1. Please indicate your top 3 strategies to reach this goal

* 2. How many years away do you think we are from this vision:
in the most recent election nearly 60% of the electorate voted. New voters, people of color, youth and those living in urban centers voted at rates over 40%. The US has elected a new President and the Congress is overwhelmingly progressive. Over the next four years dramatic advances for environmental, economic and social justice are expected. What year is it?

* 3. Please indicate which issue based campaigns IPPN should pursue. (Choose as many as you wish)

* 4. How can Independent parties best pose a challenge to status quo systems sufficient to incite reform and/or transform the current system? By -

* 5. What, if any election related activities will your organization conduct in 2009?

* 6. What activity or activities should IPPN engage/support to reach our goals? (Select all that apply)

* 7. What initially attracted you to the work of IPPN?

* 8. How relevant is the work of IPPN to your organization’s goals and strategies? (Scale of 1-5 with 5 the highest)

* 9. How can IPPN make independent politics exciting?

* 10. How can IPPN improve communications with you/your organization?

* 11. Would your organization be interested in being involved in the IPPN structure and leadership in one or more of the following ways? (Select all that apply)

Thank you for your time, input and support.