Optional: Please watch 3 minute introductory YouTube video here (copy into browser):

* 1. Are you a student or practicing professional?

* 2. Where do you live?

* 3. What is your primary discipline

* 4. What are the most important ecosystem services that are included in the urban design of your region's cities? (The next question asks what you personally feel should be the most important)
(1=most important; 8=least important)

* 5. In your opinion, what ecosystem services should drive urban and site design?
(1=highest ranking; 8=lowest ranking)

* 6. What is the highest ideal or greatest potential of an ecologically functioning city?
(1=highest ideal; 5=lowest ideal)

* 7. From your discipline's perspective, what are the obstacles to an ecologically- and human-inclusive urban environment?
(1=biggest obstacle; 12=smallest)

* 8. Which green strategies do you think would be most effective and appropriate for improving ecosystem services in your region's cities?
(1=highest; 7=lowest)

* 9. In your experience, which discipline(s) were/ are lacking in your training and education that would MOST benefit your current or future profession? (Please select no more than 3 choices)

* 10. What are the most important cultural benefits of an ecologically functioning city?
(Please consider all demographic groups: elderly, youth, minorities, etc)
(1=most important; 6=least)