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* 1. You know as well as I do that the radical Left will never let a good crisis go to waste.  American Majority supports our “Law and Order” President and his efforts to keep America safe.

Should the Trump administration round up and prosecute every last person who burned, looted, and killed across our country for weeks?

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* 2. China is responsible for lying about the Wuhan Virus, covering up data, and locking up journalists who tried to broadcast the truth.  It’s cost our country 100,000 lives and our economy one trillion dollars.

With your help, American Majority is demanding that China be forced to cancel ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in American-held debt ... it’ll never bring back American lives – but it’s the best way to make China pay.

Should President Trump make the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) pay for unleashing the coronavirus pandemic on America?

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* 3. Thanks to you and your fellow American Majority supporters, we’ve circulated hundreds of thousands of petitions to grassroots activists calling for Attorney General Barr to investigate “Lyin’ Adam Schiff” for putting our country through hell and trying to silence your voice.

Should Adam Schiff be held accountable for his Russia collusion hoax?

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* 4. Governors in states like Michigan and Virginia have gotten a taste of authoritarian power – and they like it.  Protecting our health is one thing ... but denying us our God-given rights and freedoms is another.

That’s why folks like you are glad to support American Majority training that’s putting real conservatives in office who will challenge the unconstitutional orders of feckless politicians.

Should Americans challenge the illogical Liberal Lockdowns being forced upon us by Leftist governors?

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* 5. I can’t underestimate the impact you’re having when you partner with American Majority. Thanks to you, and patriots like you, we’ve hosted 1,388 training events ... and trained 48,735 of your fellow citizens – including 4,474 candidates!

Should American Majority continue to rally, recruit, and train conservatives to run for office and take America back from the radical Left?

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* 6. American Majority is training conservative candidates to run for office and activists to help get those candidates elected, please support our work. With your help, 870 of these candidates have won their elections and are now busy restoring this land you and I love.

That’s a lot of impact!

Which brings me to my last question ...

Will you continue assisting the vital mission of American Majority with a much-needed tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more?

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