Are we doing this?

This is a survey to find out when we should have our conference and what kinds of participants we can expect.

The idea is to have a 3 day conference out in the country. We would stay in nice summer cabins (ca. 6 people in each cabin), each with a kitchen and a hot tub.

The purpose of the conference is for polyamorous people in the Nordic countries to meet, connect, discuss the issues we deal with, and have healthy fun together.

We will invite some academics to come and present their research to our communities.

We will also have workshops for various discussions and activities.

Participants will be asked to refrain from getting drunk (or high) for the duration of the conference.

Question Title

* 1. If you could spare the time and money, would you be interested in participating in a Nordic polyamory convention in Iceland in the summer of 2018?

Not interested at all. I might be interested, but maybe not. I would definitely want to come.
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 2. Please rate the approximate dates to show when you can come.

  Definitely doesn't work for me. Somewhat bad time. Somewhat good time. This is the most convenient time for me.
Early June
Mid June
Late June
Early July
Mid July
Late July
Early August
Mid August
Late August
Early September
Mid September
Late September

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* 3. What is the biggest challenge for you?