This form is an expression of interest for your child to commence Instrumental Music Lessons at St. Andrew’s Anglican College.
This form is NOT for students who are looking to re-enroll in instrumental lessons.
Please read the Music Handbook – Information for Parents in conjunction with this form; available to view on the College website –

Please note that a separate form must be completed for each child.
Lesson Timetables
Lessons are conducted on a rotational timetable basis throughout the school day.
A very small number of lessons may be able to be offered out of school time. These lessons will be offered to students in Years 11 and 12 only as a first preference. Not all tutors are available outside of school hours. Please email the Music Office with your request.
Group Lessons
Please note: group lessons are not always available and can only be offered at the discretion of the Director of Co-Curricular Music due to financial hardship. Please email the Director of Co-Curricular Music 
Group lessons will occur strictly for 12 months only and can only be granted if a student of similar ability has also requested lessons. Lessons are offered in a group of 2 only.

* 1. Please enter your child's name

* 2. Current Year Level and Class

* 3. Parent Name

* 4. Email Address
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Please ensure that this is also correct in Parent Lounge.

* 5. Which instrument would you like your child to learn / continue to learn?
NB: Prep to Year 3 - only Voice, Piano and Violin are available
It is compulsory for all students enrolled into lessons to be involved in a co-curricular music ensemble.

* 6. If your child does not have their own instrument, would you like to request a hire instrument from the College? (Subject to availability)
NB: The College does not hire Guitars or Bagpipes.

* 7. How many years has your child has been learning the above instrument

* 8. All students who undertake lessons are required to join one or more of the College’s ensembles, as advised by their instrumental music teacher or the Director of Co-curricular Music, in relation to readiness and potential. For most music students, the ‘step up’ to ensemble membership is eagerly sought, and once obtained is something they treasure due to the music challenges presented, the camaraderie of working closely with their peers, and the opportunity for recognition of their skills through a variety of performances. If students are not ready to join an ensemble on their instrument, they will be required to join one of our vocal groups, the foundation of ensembles. Detailed information about ensembles can be found on the College website, Music section, Ensembles. Some options for Voice and Piano students are listed below:
• Join a Choir as a vocalist
• Join Contemporary Band on keyboard or as a vocalist
• Join Percussion Ensemble on a tuned or untuned instrument
• Join Wind Ensemble or Concert Band on Percussion or Tuned Percussion
• Join Stage Band or Jazz Ensemble on Percussion, Piano or Tuned Percussion
• Learn a string or band instrument in conjunction with your piano studies in the view to join one of the above ensembles
• Engage in a formal piano duet/trio program in conduction with your instrumental music lessons (info to come)
• Play keyboard in a development position for one of our junior ensembles I.e. String Ensemble, Concert Band, Youth Strings etc.
Students are welcome at any time to discuss with their teacher or the College’s Music Department staff regarding an interest in joining any of the College’s ensembles.