* 1. Would you subscribe to a fast fiber-optic broadband service if OEC were able to provide it?

* 2. Would you be interested in OEC providing data, voice, and cable television service?

* 3. Are you happy with your current internet service?

* 4. How likely is it that you would recommend Otsego Electric Cooperative to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 5. Would you say your Otsego Electric Cooperative rates are higher, about the same, or lower than other utilities?

* 6. Which of the following words would you use to describe Otsego Electric Cooperative? Select all that apply.

* 7. IF OEC had the opportunity to buy renewable energy (i.e. solar, wind), how much more would you be willing to pay for that energy compared to what OEC normally pays in the wholesale energy market?

* 8. How would you rate the quality of OEC's service?

* 9. Which of the following is your preferred method for OEC to communicate important co-op business to you?

* 10. How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about our service?

* 11. Which of the following categories includes your age?

* 12. What is your preferred way of reducing OEC's impact on our natural environment?

* 13. Have you paid your bill online using OEC's Smart Hub or Pay Now links?

* 14. Do you own a smartphone?

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