Please complete this form if you have been newly elected as a CSP safety rep.  There is a different form if you are a CSP Steward, so please ensure you are completing the correct form.

(If you are already a rep, and you have been re-elected, you need to complete the Safety rep's Re-election Form).

If you have been elected as an Alternate, Job-Share, or if you are covering for Maternity/Sick Leave for another CSP Safety Representative you must be accredited in your own right and therefore must complete the form.

Once your form has been received and processed, you will be sent the following:

  • Safety Rep's Starter Pack
  • Details on how to apply for the Safety Rep's Induction course (which includes available dates).
  • A letter addressed to your employer notifying them of your accreditation.
  • Other pertinent information.


The CSP uses interactive CSP (iCSP) as a means of communication with Safety Reps and providing up to the minute information. Once your accreditation has been processed, you will automatically be approved on to the National iCSP Safety Reps Network, as well as your regional iCSP Safety Reps Network.