WeGoMil Real-Time Rideshare Survey

Entry Questions
We’d like to understand more about your commute before you started using WeGoMil.

* 1. How did you normally travel to/from work? (Please pick the mode that best describes your commute prior to WeGoMil)

* 2. What is (or are) the main reason(s) for participating in the WeGomil Rideshare program instead driving alone? (please pick as many as appropriate):

* 3. Have you ever used any of the following modes to get to work (Please pick as many as appropriate responses prior to WeGoMil):

* 4. How far do you travel to get to a Park & Ride Lot?

* 5. What is your average time for your AM and PM commute? (choose one for AM and one for PM)

Less than 30 mins
30 mins - 1 hour
1 hour - 1.5 hours
1.5 hours - 2 hours
More than 2 hours

* 6. What is your approximate door-to-door commute distance?

* 7. What does your daily commute cost?

* 8. Do you have a free parking space at work?

* 9. Why did you join WeGoMil? (Select one)

* 10. Will you continue to use WeGoMil after the Pilot Test?

* 11. Please confirm your email address