The Umatilla School Board has formed a workgroup to consider a drug testing policy for extra-curricular (sports, clubs) activity participants. Many schools in our region currently have policies in place, however, Umatilla has offered drug-test kits directly to parents in lieu of a policy. This policy is being considered as a potential preventative measure for students.

Key areas under consideration:
* This policy would apply to participants involved in extra-curricular activities only.
* Beginning season followed by random testing is being considered.
* Random testing would be conducted by the testing company using district supplied rosters for all participating students.
* Parental permission is required for testing but would be required for participation in extra-curricular activities.
* If a student test was positive, parents would be informed and drug treatment/counseling options would be presented. Parents are financially responsible for treatment options selected by the parent. If a parent chose not to enroll his/her child in a treatment option, the child would be suspended from participation for a period of time (duration to be determined). A retest would be performed upon completion of treatment. If the student tested clean, he/she would continue to participate in extra-curricular activities without sanction. The student would continue to participate fully in extra-curricular activities during the treatment period.
* If a student had future positive tests, suspension of extra-curricular activities would occur.
* No academic sanctions would be tied to any positive testing.
* Positive results would be disclosed only to the parents and relevant school administrators.

With this information in mind, we'd appreciate your feedback on the following questions.

* 1. This response is from a:

* 2. What potential benefits do you see from the proposed policy?

* 3. What potential challenges do you see from this proposed policy?

* 4. Are you areas from the key points you'd like addressed differently than presented? If so, please specify.

* 5. Which do you support?

* 6. Do you have any other comments you'd like to share?