Thank you for your interest in the Free Trees Program and helping to grow our urban forest.
Who can apply?
  • Residents and tenants of the City of Stirling who live at the address for which the trees are claimed
Other conditions
  • Only one free tree can be claimed per address
  • Residents cannot claim trees for investment properties they own, however tenants may claim a tree for the rental property where they live. (Please check with your landlord first to make sure they are happy for you to plant a tree)
Why? We want the trees to be looked after, so the person ordering the tree must want it and be willing and able to care for it.
  • Trees must be planted on private property and not on the verge
Why? Residents are not permitted to plant trees on verges. If you would also like a street tree as well as a free tree for your garden or courtyard, you can request this through this order form.
  • Trees must be planted in the ground and not in pots or containers
Why? The City provides free trees to help increase canopy cover. Canopy is defined as being at and above 3m in height, and no tree grown in a pot can get to 3m tall. In addition none of the trees available are suitable for growing in a pot, and if planted in one will eventually die as its roots become twisted due to lack of space - tree roots grow wide not necessarily deep and so need to be in the ground.