1. Please provide the following information:

2. Please select your gender:

3. Please select your year in School:

4. How did you find out about the Kno Student Ambassador Program?

5. What social media websites do you use on a regular basis?

6. Student Ambassadors will be responsible for capturing video content. If accepted, will you have access to a video camera or a cell phone with video capabilities for the duration of the program?

Student Ambassadors will be required to complete these tasks on a weekly basis:
  • Participate in online meetings with the marketing team at Kno
  • Conduct demos and complete 40 surveys with the Kno tablet
  • Build partnerships with various student clubs/organizations on campus
  • Participate in social media conversations using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ning, etc.

7. Upon acceptance, do you agree to complete these tasks?

Student Ambassadors will be required to complete the following missions (one per week):
  1. Capture video content explaining features of the Kno and why they're relevant
  2. Create initial contact with student clubs/organizations, in addition to demoing the Kno tablet to professors and having 5 of them give video testimonials
  3. Create an on-campus guerrilla marketing campaign around the Kno (we'll provide the structure/environment)
  4. Implement your newly created guerrilla marketing campaign on your campus!
  5. Using the notebook application on the Kno tablet, participate in our drawing contest (the best ones will be featured on our social media websites!)
  6. Conduct a demo of the Kno tablet in front of 40+ members of a club/organization
  7. Get in touch with campus newspaper affiliates to get a featured article in the newspaper and use social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to spread awareness and conduct surveys
  8. Draft plans for a software app that can be used/created on the Kno tablet (the most unique/relevant idea for an app will be submitted to our internal software developers!)
  9. Get 15 students to give video testimonials about the Kno
  10. Participate/attend a conference related to business, engineering or entrepreneurship and document it. The more involved, the better!
  11. Conduct another demo of the Kno tablet in front of 40+ members of another club/organization
  12. Capture video content showing “a day in the life” of a Student Ambassador

8. Upon acceptance, do you agree to complete these tasks?

9. What would you do to effectively create awareness of the Kno on your campus?
(MAX: 250 WORDS)

10. As technology becomes more and more prevalent in classrooms, how do you envision the
Kno making an impact on the education system? (MAX: 250 WORDS)

11. Upon acceptance into the Kno Student Ambassador Program, I agree to commit 6 hours a week to the Student Ambassador Program for the entirety of the 12 week program to fully subsidize the 50% price discount of the Kno Tablet.

12. During the application process, do you agree to complete a background check?

13. Please review our Terms and Conditions page.

I have read, understood, and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

14. I certify that all information provided in this application is accurate and any falsification or misrepresentation, including the omission of material information may result in disqualification of the program.