Community Feedback Survey - Riverland future use/development

Just to the west of the Riverside Park Urban Ecology Center (1500 E Park Place), between the UEC and the Milwaukee River, there are three parcels of land owned by the UEC – one on which a warehouse stands, and two vacant parcels. The Urban Ecology Center is starting the process of imagining how that land will be used in the future and we would love for you to be part of the process. At this stage we would like your ideas about what you would be excited to see and what you wouldn’t be as excited to see on that land. This might include anything from a new business to green space, or a concept or idea. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions. You are also invited to attend one of the scheduled input sessions on July 18 or 31, 6 pm at the Riverside Park UEC.

* 1. What kind of space, service, or program would enhance this community that you would like to see included on this land?

* 2. What would you not like to see?

* 3. What principles would you like us to consider during the land planning process?

* 4. Do you have specific ideas, or other comments, that you would like to share?

* 5. How close do you live to the Riverside Park Urban Ecology Center?

* 6. How old are you?

* 7. Please provide your name and email address if you would like to be contacted about future opportunities to provide input related to the development/future use of this land?

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