* 1. Please provide the following information.

* 2. Which position are you interested in?

* 3. How did you hear about MOI'M?

* 4. What is your reason for applying? 신청하게 된 동기

* 5. Please list any previous experience in event planning. 이벤트 기획 관련 경험?

* 6. What assets can you bring to MOI’M? MOI’M에 어떤 도움을 줄 수 있습니까?

* 7. What do you hope to gain from participating in MOI’M? 본인이 MOI’M 을 통해 얻고자 하는것은?

* 8. Please list any leadership experiences, including role(s) in Korean student organizations. 과거 또는 현재 활동하는 있는 단체나 학생회 경력?

* 9. What is your greatest strength? '이거 하나만큼은 자신있다’ 라고 생각되는 것은?

Thank you very much for completing this application form. Please send your resume and all supplement materials (writing sample for the PR Team/SOAR Team and portfolio for the Creative Team/IT Team) to info@moimnewyork.com in an email titled "MOI'M Job Application - YOUR NAME". Thank you, MOI'M.