Researchmeet at Research Alive! Shared Learning Day Application Form

This element of the Shared Learning Day will be modelled on the highly successful Teachmeet format.  It will provide an interactive opportunity for delegates to engage with teachers who have completed, or are engaged in research on a range of topics, as well as those who are engaged with research, through Research Engagement Groups, school-based Academic Councils, professional learning communities, journal clubs, etc.,


Each Researchmeet will begin with a series of nano-presentations (5 minutes maximum), whereby teachers/researchers will present on their chosen topic, the findings of research, and the impact of the research on their practice. The goal is to enable and support professional learning amongst peers, informed by teachers’ research. For this reason, after the presentations, time is allowed for attendees to mix informally with each other and the presenters to find out more about the research that interests them the most.

The criteria for inclusion in the Researchmeet are:

1.      Relevance – applications should demonstrate that the topic they wish to talk about is of relevance and interest to teachers and other researchers.


2.      Accessibility – applications should demonstrate the potential to convey the key learnings in a way that is accessible to participants on the day.

3.      Variety – in making the final selection of presentations for the Researchmeet, consideration will be given to ensuring a variety of topics as well as research approach/methodology.



Submissions which meet the above criteria, and are based on a collaborative approach to engagement in or with research, would be particularly welcome.

It is anticipated that the majority of presenters on the day will be practising registered teachers or student teachers who are currently engaged in research as part of their initial teacher education programme.  Researchers who are engaged in relevant research or have completed relevant research are welcome to apply to present, and especially so if the presentation is made jointly with a practising teacher who is/was also involved in the research.

If you are interested in presenting as part of one of the parallel Researchmeets, please complete the following short questionnaire.