We have been contracted to perform a marketing survey for a new law enforcement training center to be established in northeastern Pennsylvania. This training center is focused on law enforcement response to active shooters in schools.

Starting this training center is Jeff Aster, former Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, a federally contracted tactical instructor for the North East Counter Drug training center and a Subject Matter Expert for Law Enforcement Tactics in Afghanistan embedded with the military. Training, experience, and real world lessons learned over his career that spans over 43 years of combined military and law enforcement is his way to educate, and help save lives. Click here if you wish to learn more about Jeff.

State of the art equipment will be embedded into the building to enhance the overall training capabilities. Just to highlight: a firearms training virtual reality simulator, the simulator is MIL-SPEC, and advanced simunition weaponry and other equipment that will improve the officers' mindset and skill set if they need to respond to an active shooter in a school - because seconds count.

This training will be offered to any certified law enforcement officer, credentialed to carry firearms in the performance of their duties. This training will provide the law enforcement family of officers with the mindset to respond to active shooters and help end a threat while in their normal course of duties.

Examples are local, state, federal law enforcement including but not limited to; state, federal, and local law enforcement, county sheriffs, game officers, county detectives, juvenile and adult probation officers, school police officers, private community police forces, and retired officers.

Training will be a week long, Monday through Friday for 50 to 60 hours.

There are two price packages available:

1. Commuting Package: $975 per week

2. Lodging Package: $1375 per week, includes hotel room with double occupancy, and all amenities the hotel provides (pool, breakfast, gym, etc.) and transportation from the hotel to the school

Both packages include lunch everyday
We appreciate your time in giving us this important information. If you are interested in participating in this survey, we ask kindly that you respond within 24 hours of receiving.

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* 1. With the above information in mind, would you, as a police officer, see a need for this training?

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* 2. If your agency was not inclined to send you and pay for the training, would you as an individual officer pay for yourself to come?

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* 3. We respect your privacy as an officer, but ask that you provide us with a form of validation whether it be your name, your badge number, or your agency name.