1. Who is the patron saint of pastry chefs?

2. Profiteroles, also known as cream puffs, are made of an airy pastry puffed with cream. What is this airy pastry called?

3. Flour from which grain is used to make traditional pumpernickel?

4. What does it mean to “blanch” a vegetable?

5. What is the hottest part of a chili pepper?

6. What was the first (widely available) commercial cookie in the United States?

7. Which of the following is a real food?

8. Which are the herbs, which are the spices?

9. Semolina is a type of:

10. How long can perishable foods be kept at room temperature?

11. Which of the following is not a type of pasta?

12. The main ingredient of the British Jaffa Cake is:

13. What does it mean to bias-slice a food?

14. Which term means to peel the skin off a vegetable?

15. Under what circumstances would a demitasse spoon be used?

16. What is the term given to the liquid butter used as a dip for seafood?

17. How many cups are in a gallon?

18. What is a chinois?

19. True or false?

20. True or false?

21. True or false?

22. True or false?

23. Extra credit: A Bakewell Tart is an English cake consisting of a shortcrust party, a layer of jam and what type of filling?

Scoring: Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer.
Give yourself one point for each correct answer
1. Saint Honoré
2. Choux
3. Rye
4. Immerse it for a short time in boiling water
5. Inner membrane
6. Animal Cracker in 1902
7. Salzburger Nockerl: a sweet Austrian dessert soufflé. (Spoo is a tasty snack in Babylon 5, gagh is a Klingon delicacy in Star Trek, and lembas is a type of bread made by elves in Lord of the Rings.)
8. One point each. 1. Fennel is a herb; 2. anise is a spice; 3. clove is a spice; 4. lemongrass is an herb; 5. cardamom is a spice; 6. marjoram is an herb.
9. Flour
10. 2 hours
11. Fantoccini is another name for a marionette puppet.
12. Orange juice
13. Slice it crosswise at a 45-degree angle
14. Pare
15. Stirring sugar into tea or coffee
16. Drawn butter
17. 16
18. A type of strainer
19. True
20. False
21. False
22. True
23. Almond filling
How did you do?
20 to 28 points: Executive chef. Congratulations! You know how to cook and what the ingredients are. As a prize, take yourself out to dinner.
11 to 19 points: Sous chef. Good job! Keep reading the Table section and keep cooking.
1 to 10 points: Cooking school student. You’re not quite ready to open your own restaurant — but you’re probably great at ordering in.