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As a gift to you, we are offering two exclusive online webinars hosted by Kristian Ponsford, Director of Products and Market Development.

Intro to MultiTracks:
This webinar will walk you through the gear, concepts, and techniques related to using Click, Guide, and MultiTracks in a worship service. Starting at the basics, we'll outline what is necessary to get started and how to transition your team to playing to a click and we'll share tips to ensure success. You'll walk away knowing what gear you need, how and why to use MultiTracks and you'll see all the creative possibilities ahead of you.

How to use Playback to automate lyrics, lights and other production elements:
Using MIDI Out to control live production used to require expensive software and a powerful computer. Now it's available on your iPhone or iPad and it is more flexible than ever. In this webinar, we will show you how easy and stable it is to have Playback change your Pro Presenter slides, lighting cues and much more.

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