CLUUC Adult Programs Survey

In addition to its work in support of Religious Education curricula and activities, Cedar Lane’s Lifespan Religious Education Ministry Team (LREMT) seeks to develop programs to meet the interests and needs of adults in this community.  Current programs, on-going and one-time events, are listed in the LEARN section of our website. Please help us to develop programs you would to see in our future by completing this survey.

Examples of current/past programs: Meditation, What is Liberal Religion Anyway, Yoga, Library of Congress Tour, Tai Chi, Write Now, Continuing Bridge, National Cathedral Tour, Building Your Own Theology, Drumming, Philosophy Club, Engaging with Hinduism

* 1. Types of programs that would interest you:

* 2. What schedule would work for you?

* 3. What subjects come to mind as things you would like to study or do?

* 4. What can you teach?

* 5. Do you know anyone who might want to teach/lead an activity at Cedar Lane?

* 6. If you have answered 4 or 5 above, please let us know how to be in touch with you

* 7. Any other thoughts about invigorating Adult Programs at Cedar Lane?