General Information

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Hospitality NT Workforce Industry Census.  This Census will specifically help determine:
  • size of and trends in the hospitality workforce and employment
  • levels of reliance of the NT hospitality industry on overseas workers
  • involvement of hospitality businesses in apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience programs
  • current and trending staff shortages
  • what recruitment methods are working and how the industry might keep workers longer
  • the priority needs for industry staff training and skills development and
  • key hospitality workforce issues and needs to inform Government, such as training, overseas workers, and support for employment programs.
The information collected in this census will be compiled and aggregated and used to support the development of the Hospitality NT Workforce, including by sharing aggregate data and providing advice on outcomes and workforce and industry needs to NT and Federal Governments and other relevant organisations and agencies such as Industry Skills Advisory Council (ISAC), and RTOs.
Please note your individual identifying data will be kept strictly confidential. The AHA NT will not share your individual identifying data with any third party. All data will be de-identified and represented at a regional, industry or aggregate level. 
Thank you for your assistance with the development of the hospitality workforce in the NT.
If you have any questions please contact the Hospitality NT Workforce Project at the AHA NT office.

* 1. What is the trading name of your business (please note this is required in order for AHA NT staff to follow up with you some aspects of your survey responses). 

* 2. Please provide your contact details for the AHA NT to follow up (if necessary).  

* 3. Please indicate where your business is located

* 4. What would you classify your business as (choose most relevant)