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* 3. Do you feel comfortable talking to your friends and family about colonic irrigation?

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I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed before my colonic today
The experience was explained in full and I was provided sufficent information prior to undertaking my colonic
I felt there was a sufficent level of privacy during my colonic
During my colonic the room environment was relaxing i.e. room temperature, music etc.
The process was easy and simple
After my colonic I was given sufficent time to ask questions
I felt comfortable post colonic to sit in the waiting space with other patrons
I enjoyed the drinks and supplements post colonic
I would recommend Calma Colonics on Cambridge to my friends or family. 

* 6. Describe your experience today in no more than 3 words e.g. safe, relaxing, new, cleansing. 

* 7. What was your favourite / the most enjoyable aspect of your colonic today?

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