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Hunters are expected to make good decisions. Yet, it's not always easy to identify and sort through all the legal and ethical issues involved in quickly deciding on a best course of action. The good news, however, is that you can learn to make good decisions. 

Choose a Path for Hunting is designed to assist you with making sound decisions and choices while hunting. The program consists of films showing real-world hunting situations frequently encountered in the field. Do you know how you would handle each of these situations?

How to complete the Choose a Path for Hunting exercise
In Choose a Path for Hunting you are asked to watch some short videos and answer a few questions about them.  Each film is about 2 minutes long and includes a dilemma followed by a short segment of two hunters debating what they would do. The Izaak Walton League of America originally produced these episodes in a series titled Outdoor Ethics.

To begin click on Remedial Hunter Education Video Index which will  take you to a complete listing of all films. Next, choose the film you would like to watch. After you watch the film, come back to the worksheet page and complete the questions. You must choose a different video for each worksheet (4 total). Defendants required to take the Choose a Path for Hunting exercise must complete all 4 worksheets.

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