Count Yourself In!

Thank you for participating in the Island Census 2019 sponsored by the Amherst Island Community Alliance.

The Statistics Canada Census only captures data from permanent residents and does not account for communities like Amherst Island where a substantial portion of our population is part-time or seasonal.

As Loyalist Township and L&A County put together their Strategic Plans for the coming years they don’t have the full picture of Amherst Island because of these gaps in available data. The Island Census 2019 helps fill in those gaps and gives you a chance to share what you want the island to be like in the future. It will help establish community needs and desires and the data will assist in getting funding and grants.

Please complete the census by July 15th, 2019.

All data received is anonymous and your answers will be aggregated with all other responses. We respect your privacy. Your individual response is never shared and remains private to you. Aggregated data may be shared with Loyalist Township or L&A County for planning purposes and it may also be used when applying for grants.
Note: To enter to win a $100 Back Kitchen Gift Card, you will be asked for your name and phone number at the end of the survey.  This step is optional.

The success of the Island Census 2019 depends upon getting everyone to respond. Don’t be left out; make sure your voice is heard.

Part A captures some of the hard numbers and should be filled out by one person on behalf of the entire household. Part B can be filled out by that same person on behalf of everyone listed in Part A, or it can be filled out separately by everyone who is listed that is age 14 and over so that we directly get everyone’s opinion and perspective.

20% of survey complete.