* 1. Have we included all of the resources (coal, gas, hydro, wind, solar, municipal waste, biogas, biomass, geothermal, nuclear) we need to consider? (check only one response)

* 2. What, if any, additional resources would you suggest we add to the EIRP modeling process? (List all that you think Colorado Springs Utilities should include):

* 3. Are the ranges for the following acceptable as outlined?
Demand Side Management (DSM) = energy efficiency/conservation
4%, 6% and 10% of sales by 2020
20% of sales by 2030

Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) = renewables in our resource mix by 2020
10%, 20% and 30% Renewables
50% Renewables by 2030

Environmental Regulation Adders = additional costs for removing emissions
$1.5/MWh, 7.5/MWh, 10.0/MWh

Environmental Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Adder
Zero, $3/Ton, $25/Ton, $50/Ton

* 4. How would you change the ranges above? List the criteria (DSM, RPS, etc.) with your suggested range changes.
Or if you don't feel a range is adequately covered, please state which range (such as DSM, RPS, loads, prices, etc.) and why.

* 5. Is there anything else you would suggest to Colorado Springs Utilities as we proceed with the EIRP process?