Two awards will be offered this year to encourage creative and disruptive use cases for P4:

- Most novel application of P4 in a networking use case
- Most novel non-networking use of P4

Eligible presentations are listed below, please select your top choice for each award.
Awardees will be determined by a combination of community vote and program committee selection. Each awardee will receive $500. The deadline to vote is June 15, and the awardees will be announced on June 30, 2022. 

Question Title

* 1. Please select one presentation for each award.

  Most novel application in a networking use case Most novel non-networking use of P4
Extend P4 to Support Runtime Programmability - Yong Feng & Haoyu Song
Differential Testing of P4 Implementations Using CI/CD - Parisa Ataei
Develop Your CPU Network Stack in P4 - Cristian Dumitrescu
PMNet: In-Network Data Persistence - Korakit Seemakhupt
Applets, a Portability and Composability Solution for P4 - Venkat Pullela & Surendra Anubolu
Accelerating 5G (Mobile Core) Control Plane Using P4 - Jingqi Huang & Jiayi Meng
P4 Over Linux TC - Jamal Hadi Salim
Open SRv6 Project: Open Source for P4-based Edge Router - Weiqiang Cheng & Jiang Liu
P4 in Open vSwitch with OfP4 - Ben Pfaff
Path Tracing - Ahmed Abdelsalam
NERPA: Network Programming with Relational and Procedural Abstractions - Debnil Sur
Speeding Up Network FPGA Design Using P4 - Bert Klaps & Miroslaw Walukiewicz
Demo of L2 Forwarding + Vxlan with Control Packet Flow Using P4-OVS - Nupur Uttarwar & Sandeep Nagapattinam
P4 as a Single Source of Truth for SONiC DASH Use Cases on Both Softswitch and Hardware - Reshma Sudarshan & Chris Sommers
Deep Dive & Getting Started with PSA Implementation for eBPF - Tomasz Osinski, Mateusz Kossakowski & Jan Palimaka
PSA-eBPF: Portable Switch Architecture for eBPF - Tomasz Osinski, Mateusz Kossakowski & Jan Palimaka
P7 (P4 Programmable Patch Panel): An Instant 100G Emulated Network Testbed in a Pizza Box - Fabricio Rodriguez
P4RROT: Generating P4 Code for the Application Layer - Csaba Gyorgyi & Sandor Laki
Architecture for Multi-Terabit Programmable Networking Functions - Petr Kastovsky & Georgios Nikolaidis
Network Programmability "Squared" - Satoru Matsushima
Enabling WCMP in SONiC Using PINS and ONOS - Niloofar Toorchi & Daniele Moro
Introducing IPDK - Deb Chatterjee
P4-OVS Split Architecture - Namrata Limaye, Brian O'Connor & Ajay Kumar Dubey
A Change Detection Primitive for the Network Data Plane - Goncalo Matos
Primitives for Finite Field Arithmetic in Network Switches - Daniel Seara & Bernardo Conde
Towards In-Network Anomaly Detection - Joao Romeiras Amado
P4 Designer Demo - Pratap Pellakuru & Sharmila S. 
Inband Network Telemetry (INT): History, Impact and Future Directions - JK Lee & Mukesh Hira
TCP-INT: Lightweight INT in TCP Transport - Simon Wass & Miao Mao
Connection Tracking Using P4 - Anjali Singhai Jain, Nishanth Bhat & Namrata Limaye
Table Driven Interface (TDI): Usages and Advantages - Sayan Bandyopadhyay & James Choi
PINS Getting Started Tutorial - Judy Snow & Brian O'Connor
M-PolKA: Enabling and Exploiting Multipath Stateless Source Routing for Programmable Data Planes - Rafael Guimaraes
p4testgen: Automated Test Generation for Real-World P4 Data Planes - Fabian Ruffy
P4 at the Interface Between NIC and Host - Raghava Sivaramu
SuperP4: Preprocessor-Aware Syntax and Semantic Analysis for P4 Programs - Kaarthik Alagappan
Service Mesh P4 Data Plane - Anjali Singhai Jain, Mrittika Ganguli, Valas Valancius & Nupur Jain
PINS Update and Roadmap - Bhagat Janarthanan, Brian O'Connor, Vamsi Punati & Reshma Sudarshan
Line Rate IPsec on a PNA-Compliant Packet Processing Pipeline - Sameer Kittur
PINS Packet I/O - Srikishen Pondicherry, Brian O'Connor & Don Newton
Dynamic P4 Pipeline Config - Anjali Singhai Jain & Hari Thantry
SD-Fabric Tutorial - Carmelo Cascone & Charles Chan
Evolving P4 Runtime from Switch to DPU - Milind Chabbi & Alan Lo
P4 for NIC - A Cloud Provider Perspective - Hari Thantry