* 1. Which Library branch do you normally visit?

* 2. Did you know that the Libraries offer programs and classes for the public?

* 3. Do you attend Library programs or classes?

* 4. If you attend Library programs, which programs have you attended in the last year?

* 5. If you attended a program, what did you enjoy?

* 6. If you attend Library computer classes, which classes have you attended in the last year?

* 7. If you attended computer classes, were they helpful?

* 8. What kinds of Library programs would you like to see in the future (ex: recreational, educational, computer classes, etc.)

* 9. Which days of the week could you attend these classes?

* 10. Which times of day could you attend these classes?

* 11. Would you attend Library instruction workshops (ex: using the electronic catalog, using Library databases, using Library website, etc.)?

* 12. The Library is considering creating short video tutorials for patrons (ex: changing documents in MS Word or MS Excel, filing emails in Yahoo, etc.). Would you be interested in these tutorials?

* 13. Would you like to make any additional comments?

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