* 1. If the Town of THURMONT was to provide "A Day in the Park" program in the Community Park during the summer, what kinds of activities would you/your child like to see offered?

* 2. What ages of children in your home would be interested in participating in
the "Day in the Park" program? 

* 3. The proposed program will only be offered  Monday through Friday.  Which of the following program times/days work best for your family?

* 4. What month would best fit your summer schedule?

* 5. In order to offset operational costs, the town will need to charge a user fee
for this program.  What payment option would your family prefer?

* 6. If the program includes day trips to other parks or points of interest, there
may be an additional charge for transportation fees, entrance fees, etc. 
Would you be willing to pay an additional fee for these activities?

* 7. Would you like to volunteer to help with this program?