Dear Regional Families

Please help us develop regional therapy models that can help children with autism and their families in regional W.A.  We know the challenges you face accessing local therapists in Regional Western Australia, and we want to hear your ideas to help us overcome some of these barriers?

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us plan for more services and supports in regional W.A:

* 2. Please enter the town that you live in: 

* 3. Are you a parent or guardian of a child with Autism?

* 4. How old is your child with Autism? 

* 5. Do you have local therapy services that you can access? 

* 6. If yes, please select which therapy services are available in your area (select more that 1 that applies):

* 7. Are you happy with the current therapy supports you receive? Please comment.

* 8. Are there other therapy services that you would like to see available? What would these be? 

* 9. If you are not able to access local therapists, which of these services would you be happy to access:

* 10. Are there any other types of therapy services you would like to access?

* 11. Do you own a computer or tablet?

* 12. Do you have access to reliable internet in your local area? 

* 13. How often do your travel to Perth? 

Thank you for participating in our survey; this information will help develop our regional therapy model. We will keep you updated!