* 1. What do you enjoy about the rehearsals?

* 2. What do you not enjoy? What could be improved?

* 3. Do you find the pieces too easy/too challenging/about right?

* 4. Do you like the pieces we play? Do you have any ideas for
new pieces or styles that we could learn?

* 5. Do you like to have a new piece to play at each rehearsal, or do you prefer
to keep playing the pieces we know?

* 6. Is fortnightly the right frequency of rehearsals, or would you prefer them to be
more frequent/less frequent? Is 7.30pm a good time?

* 7. Do you like doing the occasional public performance?
Would you like to do more public performances?

* 8. Would you like more frequent/less frequent emails from me?
Do you listen to the online audio MP3 files?

* 9. Would you like me to contact you in other ways (apart from email and web-site),
eg texting, Facebook, Twitter?