1. Fasting
I am aware that for the majority of the retreat I will be primarily consuming specially prepared juices, teas, broths and coconut water. I understand that fasting, cleansing and rejuvenation programs stimulate the body to release held toxins and that I may experience one or more temporary symptoms such as: headache, fatigue, nausea, muscle weakness, light headedness, high energy, euphoria, clarity of the mind and senses, as well as emotional release and sensitivity.  It is suggested that activities are minimized during this particular week of cleansing. Now is the time to rely on family, friends or support so you may enjoy the fasting experience to its fullest.

2. Medical Liability
I understand that the staff does not consist of medical doctors and that I am not receiving medical advice.  You!Healing International, their staff and programs do not claim to cure or heal any illness or injury. You!Healing International is not equipped to handle major illnesses or health conditions. You!Healing International is not a rehab center for coming off of drugs and/or alcohol and is not set up to provide special care for clients who have special physical, physiological or emotional needs.

3. Exercise
I agree to take full responsibility for not exceeding my personal physical limits during the practice of yoga, stretching or other physical activities during the retreat.  I take full responsibility for any injury I might suffer during participation in yoga, hiking, or other activities. I understand that I may choose not to participate in any activity at any time during the You!Healing Fasting Cleanse.

4. Transportation During the Cleanse
I understand that I am fully responsible for all transportation during the cleanse and understand that is highly suggested that I use a taxi, public transport or drop off/pick up arrangements are made to and from all group gatherings.  You!Healing International is not responsible under any circumstances if these arrangements are not made and followed.

5. Property
I understand that I am fully responsible for my belongings that I have brought to the You!Healing venues.  Any personal property, which is lost or missing, is my responsibility.  The You!Healing staff will announce and attempt to return any lost items found and return to you.

6. Personal Health
I understand that it is my responsibility to disclose to You!Healing International all health conditions, medications and details upon arrival. If significant health issues are not disclosed, You!Healing International reserves the right to ask a guest to leave without a refund. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my personal health and take full responsibility to manage my health during this cleansing and fasting retreat.

7. Alcohol & Drugs
I understand that the You!Healing International Cleansing retreat is a drug and alcohol free event. I will refrain from use of any drugs or alcohol while doing this cleanse.

8. Medications
I understand that if I am currently under a doctor's care and/or taking prescription medication that this is not the time to stop taking such medication. I agree to continue prescribed medications as directed by my physician.

9. Treatments
I understand that, if I engage in any supplemental treatments or therapies, I am responsible for any and all results, which occur as a result. I hereby release the You!Healing International staff from all liability as a result of such treatments.

I understand that by signing this waiver, I (or any family members, heirs or assigns) have no legal recourse against You! Healing International or anyone else associated with the retreat while on or off-site.  I understand that I have engaged in any and all activities at the retreat center.

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