* 1. Please select your jurisdiction from the list. You may only select one jurisdiction for each survey completed. If you belong to more than one jurisdiction in this list, please complete multiple surveys.

* 2. The hazards addressed in the Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update are listed below. Please indicate your opinion on the likelihood for each hazard to impact YOUR JURISDICTION (identified above).

  Unlikely Occasionally Likely Highly Likely
Flooding (Flash and River)
Levee Failure
Dam Failure
Land Subsidence / Sinkholes
Extreme Temperatures
Severe Thunderstorms
Severe Winter Weather

* 3. FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grants are administered by the State Emergency Management Agency.  Listed below are some types of projects considered. 
Please check all those that could benefit your jurisdiction, in your opinion:

* 4. Please comment on any other issues that the Cedar County Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee should consider in developing a strategy to reduce future losses caused by hazard events.