1. Brushlove.com 1st Survey!

* 1. What type of hair texture do you have?

* 2. How often do you wash your hair?

* 3. What is your favorite shampoo brand?

* 4. What is your favorite hair scent?

* 5. What feature do you like most about a hair product?

* 6. What type of styling aides do you use on a daily basis?

* 7. What do you dislike most about your hair?

* 8. What is your favorite hair brush brand?

* 9. Would you be interested in a hair product that refreshes your hair during the day without washing your hair?

* 10. We may use this data, if you choose to give it, to enter you in for a chance to receive a free 1 1/2" Ping Digital Straightening Iron. We will never share your data with anyone else. (Suggested Retail Value $159.99)