1. Evaluation of Effectiveness

33% of survey complete.

1. I am a (check all that apply)

2. Consider the foster care system you have been involved with most.
Would you say that this system's approaches and actions (on average) reduce, increase, or do not effect the following:

  Significantly Reduce Slightly Reduce No clear effect Slightly Increase Significantly Increase
Liklihood of physical harm to child
Liklihood of emotional harm to child
Stability of child's family life
Child's healthy attachments

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your foster care system?

  Strength Weakness Don't know or n/a
Good flow of information among birth parents, case workers, and foster parents
Law Guardian/Guardian Ad Litem provides effective advocacy for child's interests
Children receive necessary therapeutic services while in foster care
Birth parents treated with respect
Foster parents treated with respect
Retention of good case workers
Retention of good foster parents
Reunifications generally successful
Family court judges thorough and reasoned
Helpful services provided to birth families (before, during, and after foster care placement)