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You must be a PHRA member in good standing to participate in PHRA committees.

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I, _____________________ understand that if I act as a committee volunteer for the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association (“PHRA” or the “Association”), I have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that the Association does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals.  I believe in the Vision of the PHRA, which is to “align human resources as a strategic business partner in organizations by leading & increasing HR competency and business acumen.”  I further acknowledge and agree with the Association’s Mission, which is to “empower and educate HR and business professionals at all levels to execute strategic business objectives through mentoring, professional development and networking opportunities.” Recognizing PHRA’s Vision and Mission, I will act responsibly and prudently as its steward and as a member of the PHRA’s governing body.

As part of my responsibilities as a volunteer:

1. I will interpret PHRA’s work and values to the community, represent the Association, and act as an ambassador for the PHRA and the committee initiatives.

2. I will abide by the Association’s by-laws and no solicitation policy, and conduct myself in a manner which is in the Association’s best interest.

3. I will attend at least 75% (or 9 of 12 if committee meets monthly) of committee meetings and will actively support the Association through regular attendance at Association functions.

4. I will act in the best interests of the Association and excuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest or if there may be an appearance of a conflict of interest.

5. I will not use my position with the Association for my own financial benefit where such action is detrimental to the Association.

6.  I will stay informed about the Association’s current activities and events.  I will ask questions and request information.

7. I will work in good faith with staff, volunteers and other board members as partners towards achievement of the Association’s goals.

8. If I do not fulfill these commitments to the Association, I will expect the Committee Chair to remove me from the committee roster.

9. By signing up for a committee, I give permission to the PHRA to share my contact information with other committee members.

In turn, the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association will be responsible to me in several ways:

1.  Opportunities will be offered to me to discuss with the Executive Director and the PHRA President the Association’s programs, goals, activities, and status.  Additionally, I can request such opportunities.

2. The Association will help me perform my duties by keeping me informed about issues in the HR profession.

3. Board members and staff will respond in a straightforward fashion to questions I have that I feel are necessary to carry out my role as a volunteer.  The Committee Chair and staff will work in good faith with me towards achievement of the Association’s goals.

4. If the Association does not fulfill its commitments to me, I can call on the PHRA President and Executive Director to discuss these responsibilities and commitments.

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