Lincoln County
Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Community Survey

Please complete this survey to provide input on YOUR Community Wildfire Protection Plan. A plan for Lincoln County communities to help prepare for, and mitigate the impacts of, catastrophic wildfire.

Please send your completed form by April 15th to: South Central Mountain RC&D, 201 Oak Grove Place, Ruidoso, NM 88345. Or scan and email to You can also access this survey on line at:

* 1. In which community do live ?

* 2. How would you rate your house in terms of risk from wildfire?

* 3. My home is vulnerable to wildfire because: (Check option that applies most)

* 4. How prepared is your community for a large wildfire?

* 5. Number the following actions (1-5) in their importance to making the community better prepared for wildfire (1 is the most important)

* 6. My biggest challenge to making my home, fire safe is (Check option that applies most)

* 7. I would be most interested in funding to help me and my community with (check option that applies the most):

* 8. Name specific community resources you would liketo see protected from wildfire (e.g. a certain hiking trail, a favorite historic building, or a certain municipal infrastructure)

* 9. Other comments

* 10. Thank you for your participation. Question or comments- Contact Laura Doth ( or Rick Merrick(