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* 1. What about your community?

  Which of these do you feel like your organization is already doing? Which of these elements would you like to see be created or developed in your org? What are the top three elements you believe will have the strongest impact in your community? Which of the three elements would be the most challenging for you to implement?
The shelter provides emergency medical care and short term housing for animals with urgent needs.
The public can reach the organization quickly and easily using remote technologies like text, phone, and web chats. 
Volunteers are engaged in every area of the organization, including field and outreach services. 
Telehealth services are available for animal caregivers considering surrender, and foster caregivers, and finders of animals who may be sick or injured.  
Animals that physically enter the shelter have outcome pathways identified before or at the time of intake, so the in-shelter length of stay is reduced drastically. 
The vast majority of pets are housed in foster homes, rather than shelter kennels, and most foster pets are adopted directly from foster homes. 
Animal caregivers can access pet support services, including housing, medical and behavioral support, as well as food and supplies, to help keep the human-animal family together. 
Animal services personnel operate as trained case managers, helping people keep their pets, providing resources and support to struggling pet owners, and assisting owners who need to rehome their animals. 
The organization operates a comprehensive loose pet reunification service to successfully send most roaming pets home without them having to enter the shelter system. 
Human social services agencies, rescue groups, and other community partners work closely with the animal services organization, recognizing people and their pets as a family unit. 

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