2020 Community Survey

Dear Lincoln Square BID Members and Friends:

Since 1996, the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District (BID) has worked to make the Lincoln Square neighborhood cleaner, safer, more beautiful, and to serve as a catalyst for positive change. To ensure we are providing the best services possible, we are conducting an annual survey of our membership and those of you who frequent this vibrant neighborhood. We value your feedback and suggestions as we continue to evaluate and strengthen all of our programs.

In January of this year, Lincoln Square experienced a major water main break that was extremely disruptive to many of the buildings, businesses and residents in the area. We commend the efforts of the Office of Emergency Management who coordinated the response, and the work of DEP and Con Ed (the latter continues today). Our staff was actively engaged, working with the Emergency Response Unit of SBS, to reach out to those businesses and residential buildings that were affected in an effort to be of assistance. We assigned our Public Safety team to help alert the public of street closures, and our Clean Team made sure that sidewalks remained clean. We also tried hard to keep you, the community, informed of the situation on the ground. While things are getting back to normal, repair work continues on streets, sidewalks, buildings and businesses. We are not able to get into our office, which was not damaged at all, and are working remotely in space provided by one of our generous property owners. We have added a few questions to this survey to assess what you thought of our proactive approach to the water main break.

We know your time is valuable and appreciate your completing our survey. As a show of appreciation, we will be randomly selecting a handful of respondents to receive a gift card to one of Lincoln Square's wonderful neighborhood bakeries.

This survey is anonymous and your name will not be connected to your responses (unless you choose to share your contact information). If you agree, we may use some of your comments in reports or presentations.

Thank you in advance for your helpful feedback. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


Monica Blum
Lincoln Square Business Improvement District